Between these three C.F.A. members, about 75 years of experience has forged a style of music somewhat familiar and still relevant to today's music fan. Utilizing their various influences each member has indulged in, the band offers the listener a testimonial to a true spirit of rock-n-roll. C.F.A reminds us that rock-n-roll is carefree, tumultuous, and above all fun. Bass guitarist/vocalist Cody Foster was born in Olympia, Washington and lived most of his life in Tacoma, Washington. In 1985 he began his first band, a two piece called A.K.F. Between 1985 and 2008 Cody swam his way through bands such as: Toxic Shock, Miserable Bastards, Stump, Ash Bib, and Poppa Wheelie. Lead and rhythm guitarist/vocalist David Takata was born in a small village in Thailand. He moved to Hawaii in 1974, then to Maryland in 1975. In 1977 David landed in Washington where he started his first band Raw Meat in 1987. He then moved on to bands such as Inbreed, Daisy Love, Bonzort, Swelter, Argonaut, and Goldteeth. Lead and rhythm drummer David Marseillan a.k.a "Reno" Dave was born in Carmell, California and lived in San Jose, California until 1982. Moving to Reno, Nevada, David started his musical life playing bass guitar in 1989. He started his first band Tribe in 1990. David packed his bags and moved with his second band, Land of Nadir, to Tacoma, Washington in August of 1993. The next summer they changed drummers and shortened their name to Nadir. In 1998 Nadir was done and "Reno" Dave moved his focus from bass to drums. He then spent the next 8 years polishing his skills playing with the likes of Holokron, Crash Landing, Buckwildz, and Mico De Noche. In 2008 Cody, "Reno", and Takata put their talents together and created C.F.A. Being influenced by the last three decades of music, C.F.A. is the missing link connecting those eras of music. As Cody quotes, "the fondest reference made about us by our friend Brian Skiffington was sounding like Cryptic Slaughter meets the Melvins." C.F.A. booked their first show in 2009 at the one year anniversary of one of Tacoma's favorite bars, The Top of Tacoma. C.F.A. was greeted with great anticipation based on C.F.A.'s previous bands. In the same year C.F.A. called upon engineer/producer Tony Reed to record them. In 2004 Tony Reed's band, Mos Generator, played a show with "Reno" Dave's band Buckwildz. Tony was impressed with "Reno" Daves drumming and wanted to record him in his studio, Temple Studio. "Reno" Dave took Tony up on his offer by bringing this impressive three piece to him. C.F.A. recorded their first EP "Smoking Gun", which included six original tracks and one hidden track. Tony Reed was very enthusiastic about sharing C.F.A.'s sound, which he dubbed as "stonercore", with the world. He offered to release their first full length album on his own lable, Music Abuse Records, which is carried by Ripple Records. Tony recorded most of the album at Temple Sound and the rest at his personal studio, HeavyHead Recording Co. The decision was finally made to release C.F.A's full length album on Ripple Records, titled "Managed by the Devil, Brought to You by the Grace of God" RELEASED AS OF OCT 23RD 2012! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2009, CFA decides to record an ep. 6 original songs and a Bob Marley cover. At this time we had more songs such as Holy colonoscopy, Lost wisdom, and Third Side. All 3 of those songs made it onto our album "Managed by the Devil brought to you by the Grace of God in 2012". When making the decision as to what songs to record for the EP Cody said, "You two pick. You two being the 2 Dave's (Reno Dave & Takata) that make up the rest of this 3 piece." They picked the more aggressive songs, which were also the shortest songs. That is why we called it the Smoking Gun EP,which by the way, there is no smoke rolling out of the barrel of the gun on the cover. We thought it would be funnier that way. 7 songs in 11 minutes. As a joke, Cody began calling it the 7-11 EP and that started to stick around as something the rest of the band would adopt (Dave Takata: This is something I am totally unware of, as I had somewhat of a drinking problem and was playing in at least 5 bands..). 3 of these songs were burned at home and spray painted with the CFA star to use as promo mostly, some were sold. It was 6 minutes long, MAYBE and we had fans getting back to us saying this 6 minutes of music was the only CD in their player for months! Now back to the song's Reno Dave had always wanted to cover. Iron Lion Zion by Bob Marley. Now he had been in numerous bands with this goal but never found the right fit(his words) After the 1st practice with Takata and Cody he knew this was the band to make it happen. We adapted the song to fit us. Bob Marley is well liked and respected for more than just his music, but also his spiritual and political beliefs. We didn't want to make light of this, so if it didn't turn out we wouldn't use it. Year to date we have used everything we have recorded in the past 4 years. 20 originals and 2 covers. We then focused on who should record it. None of us being new to this didn't want to waste time recording until we found the right guy. Reno said, "Well dude, we should see if Tony Reed from Mos has time". He did. The day we showed up to record Cody had only been familiar with Tony's bands unlike Takata and Reno who both knew him previously. The door to the studio was wide open and Voi Vod's Dimensions Hatros was blaring, One of Cody's favorite albums from his youth. Cody was immediately stoked and comfortable. We recorded all 7 songs (including setting up sound) in 5 hrs. Friends of ours had a label Violent hippy Records. We asked them if we could release it on their label. We initially had 100 discs made and went thru those pretty quick. We pressed 100 more. Same story. Gone.