Title: 4 song recording in "The Autopsy Room" Date: recorded early 2016 awaiting release
CFA went into the studio early 2016. They walked out with 4 tracks 1 original "China Town" and 3 covers Children of the revolution (T-Rex)- New Rose (The Damned)- and Have Love will Travel (The Sonic's version) Where Cody was able to use the original bass from the 1964 recordings. But instead of using it as the main bass instrument they decided to use it in lieu of the Baritone sax solo. CFA's Drummer Reno Dave sang the song. Can't wait for you to hear it.
Title: CFA featuring Pig Snout "Children of the Revolution" (music video) Date: Noverber 17
Please tune in as outlaws of the sun present to you Cody foster army and Pig Snout performing T Rex's children of The revolution http://outlawsofthesun.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/cody-foster-army-featuring-pig-snout.html?m=1
Title: Children of a Revolution project. CFA video Featuring Pig Snout Date: November 2016
In this video CFA has covered T-Rex and their song "Children of a Revolution) Portraying CFA in this video is The youthful Tacoma band Pig Snout. This is a high quality video being produced by Film makers Lynn and Noah Camp. We are excited for you to see it. Expected Release date? NOW!! http://outlawsofthesun.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/cody-foster-army-featuring-pig-snout.html?m=1
Title: ThrashHead review of, Managed by the Devil; Brought to You by the Grace of God Date: Feb 16 2013
In a world gone mad of genres and sub-genres, where bands have been so greatly influenced by an ever widening range of music that it's almost impossible to classify them, comes yet a new tag from this band; "Stonercore". This review requires me to be as eloquent as humanly possible so as to describe exactly what I'm hearing; it requires a literary snob worthy of a Pulitzer...so here I go...(see link for the rest) http://thrashhead.com/cfa.html --------
Title: The NBTMusicRadio Top 100 Albums of 2012 By Martin Date: Dec 14th 2012
The NBTMusicRadio Top 100 Albums of 2012 By Martin Fri Dec 14 2012 I won’t lie to you, it’s been a hard year, but many wounds were healed as I began this top 100 tunes, because once again I realized just how much great cool, thoughtful and fun music was being made and how most of it was fiercely independent.. What you see below is just the very tip of the music brought to us, heard by us and finally adored by us. I had to leave out so much and every omission broke my heart a little, but then this would be the top 500 albums and I would never leave my desk, so for the simple sake of my sanity, I whittled it down to just 100. From the hardest of hard rock, to the sultriest of dance moves, from cheeky indie to disturbing dream pop.. here is our choice of the best of this year. Now good old FB in its wisdom has made it pretty much impossible to tag pages and limited even the amount of ‘friends as well, so expect this to be spread around like golden honey in the days to come on your timelines and walls.. and to get all of you tagged I am gonna have to (like last year) repeat this note to fit in all the tags. OH and if these great titles here on offer , intrigue you, amuse you, amaze you; then you DO know where to go to find them.. http://nbtmusicradio.playtheradio.com/ They are ALL play listed on our 24 hour stream 7 days a week. And then specially.. go to the home pages, get curious, and go buy their music. #40 CFA – Managed By The Devil, Brought To You by the Grace Of God https://www.facebook.com/notes/martin-nbtproject/the-nbtmusicradio-top-100-albums-of-2012/439813839418835
Title: CFA Outsourced a vocal experiment Date: Available NOW & FREE download it at http://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/c-f-a-outsourced-a-vocalist-experiment
THIS IS AN OFFICIAL Ripple Music REPORT: "Originally transmitted by the Cody Foster Army". This is Cody, Takata and Reno Dave of CFA, Transmitting to you from deep within our secret command center in the Pacific Northwest "The Atomac Treehouse". So the way CFA operates has always been clear to those that we have had the pleasure of serving with. All for one and one for all or What's good for them is good for us. Either way, We like to involve our friends and peers as much as humanly possible. This makes for a stronger army. After great deliberation with our Chiefs of Staff, Pope and Racer at Ripple Music and 38 members from all the CFA ranks. We have devised a plan. And will execute said plan mid season of the Gemeni 2015. We have been conducting an experiment of the vocal nature. We are on the brink of releasing this very infectious agent to the public. We have lovingly named the experiment "Outsourced" It will begin as a free music download. Once played the listener will feel the sound waves on their flesh, then symptoms of goose bumps followed by butterflies in the lower region. Once the sound waves have entered your cranium.......It will be to late. Make no mistake, the threat is REAL.
Title: Cody Foster Army and the Smelters Curse comic book! Date: Available NOW
AVAILABLE NOW! The long awaited, much anticipated debut comic from Pacific Northwest rockers and Ripple Music recording artists, C.F.A.! "Cody Foster Army and the Smelter's Curse" is a full color, 42 page, independantly released comic book chronicling the band's super hero alter ego and their exploits in the City of Destiny. The book was written and illustrated by Tacoma artist and author, Potter, who has plans on at least 2 more stories to come in the series. The book is a fun tongue in cheek story of destruction, bravery and overcoming selfishness in an unforgiving world. This comedic sci-fi superhero adventure is light-hearted entertainment the whole family can enjoy whether you have a familiarity for the band or not! You can purchase a digital copy for Andorid & iPad from Indy Planet Digital: http://indyplanet.com/digital/index.php?manufacturers_id=12716 Or order a print copy directly from Indy Planet http://www.indyplanet.com/front/?product=cody-foster-army-1
Title: C.F.A. - Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God - Review by SLUDGELORD Date: 2013
http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2012/09/cfa-managed-by-devil-brought-to-you-by.html ---------- C.F.A. – (Cody Foster Army) - is a Hardcore Punk/Sludge/Stoner Rock Band from USA The members are Cody Foster: Bass/Vox Dave Takata: Guitar/Voice David Marseillan: Drums C.F.A. is a hard rocking Stoner Rock band mixing elements of Hardcore Punk and Sludge Metal to their music. But they add a great social conscience to the mix as times as well. Their new album - Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God - is a 16 song collection of great tunes that runs for under 43 mins or so. The album has been produced by Tony Reed of ace Stoner Rockers – Mos Generator and Stone Axe. And is being released by brilliant record label – Ripple Music. Ripple Music are starting to get a great collection of bands together under their wing. And releasing some fine albums. This is another winner for Ripple Music and Tony Reed to be involved in. As C.F.A. have a fresh sound that should appeal to all fans of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Incorporating Sludge Metal/Stoner Rock with a Hardcore Punk vibe is not a new thing. But most bands don’t sound as fresh or as original as what C.F.A do. Their blend of fast and furious hardcore punk/stoner rock riffs blended with the fury and intensity of Sludge Metal make C.F.A. a band you cannot ignore. The album gets straight down to business with Never Free. A 2:48 minute calling card to the listener that you’re in for a wild ride. So buckle up as the next 43 minutes is going to be loud, chaotic, and angry but a whole load of fun as well. C.F.A’s lyrics are spliced with some great social commentary at times that you will either agree with or make you think what the guys are actually passionate about. But that doesn’t distract you from the top-notch music and great riffs on show. This is an album you will love from the first listen. Most of the songs run for less than 2.30 minutes while the longest one is 4 mins. So most of the songs are straight to the point with the great riffs following soon after. Especially on great tracks – Third Side, Apple, Sons Of The Soil, Built Up Knocked Down and Inhabit. All sublime tracks showing what this band does so brilliantly well. Fast Paced Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal that goes straight for the jugular. There is no messing about from these guys. They know what has to be done and nobody is going to tell them otherwise. The guys do include two covers – Creedence Clearwater Revival classic – Fortunate Son where they turn that classic into a Sludge/Stoner Rock sing-along. It doesn’t deviate much from the original but it’s still a great cover. It’s there other cover where the guys turn a classic song into their very own.. Bob Marley classic – Iron Lion Zion is given the C.F.A make over. Believe me C.F.A.’s version is a wonderful version in its own right. It’s probably the loudest and angriest version I have heard and I have heard a few versions over the years. But C.F.A’s version is the best one I have heard so far. This album is worth the purchase for that cover alone. Brilliant. This album shows what great musicians C.F.A. actually are. They don’t care for progressive riffs they just play the music how they want to play. More akin to a Garage Rock/Punk Rock band of the 1970’s. If C.F.A were around in the 70s they would have been considered one of the defining Punk Rock/Hard Rock bands of the era. But they are a band very much in our time frame. And one I hope will get a lot more exposure. They have the talent and songs to kick-start a revolution of their very own for world domination Hopefully this album will propel them that little bit closer to the big time as everybody should check out this band right now. A true talent has arrived and they are here to stay. http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2012/09/cfa-managed-by-devil-brought-to-you-by.html Brilliant and Highly Recommended. You can buy - Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God - on October 23rd 2012 from Ripple Music Check out This Great Band! www.facebook.com/pages/CFA-Cody-Foster-Army/200207479991758
Title: CFA Record Review by The BCFM Sunday Rock Show, Brittan Date: 2012
CFA (aka The Cody Foster Army) hail from Tacoma, Washington State in the US, and have been around for four or five years now. They are a three piece whose greatly experienced members cut their teeth in such luminary underground cult punk outfits such as Inbreed, Daisy Love, Toxic Shock, Miserable Bastards, Stump, Crash Landing, Buckwildz, and Mico De Noche. This is the bands debut album. Now this is a very interesting one, CFA play a very curious and nearly unique sounding blend of stoner rock old school hardcore punk and sludge fired primordial thrashy doom metal. Tracks like The hard and drivingShake Your Ass, Never free and Sons Of The Soil and pretty much the rest of this sixteen tracker fly past in a glorious mix of old school metal riffage, hardcore screamed vocals and buckets of raw punk attitude. Other highlights include the Sabbath with a glue bag doomy pound ofKick Rocks and the Venom influenced Holy Colonoscopy. There also a couple of very interesting cover versions on show, there's the old Bob Marley classic Iron Lion Zion, stripped of its Reggae back beats and given a full metal work over, and the result is pretty impressive, sounding a bit like The Subhumans over all. However the best track on the whole album is a version of the old Creedance Clearwater classicFortunate Son, played fairly straight, but a LOT heavier, here CFA have taken a track inspired by the pointless conflicts of the 1960s and made it relevant to the pointless conflicts of the modern age. Over I like this album lots, but I do fear a little for CFA in this age of excessive sub genres and musical pigeon holes. I can see many of the metal heads and stoner freaks finding it a bit too hardcore, and the core scene kiddies finding it a bit too old school metal. But I also live in hope that anyone who likes real musical experimentation will find this a refreshing and interesting mix of styles with a lot to offer the broadminded listener. Well worth checking out For fans of... P.O.T., Mighty High, Cannabis Corpse, Venom.....http://sundayrockshow.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/cfa-managed-by-devil-brought-to-you-by.html Th
Title: CFA Record review by RINGMASTER Date: 12-22-2012
http://ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com/2012/10/22/c-f-a-managed-by-the-devil-brought-to-you-by-the-grace-of-god/ The Grace Of God the debut album from US stirrers C.F.A. is a more than decent riot to bruise and treat the senses to. It is an album which at times feels like it is unleashing something quite unique and in other moments is treading a well worn yet persistently pleasing path. Overall though it is a formidable slab of sixteen feisty and ultimately satisfying tracks. C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) consists of three musicians who combined their talents in 2008, a trio with plenty of experience in their wake. Creating a sound which has been tagged as stoner-core, the threesome of bass guitarist/vocalist Cody Foster (A.K.F., Toxic Shock, Miserable Bastards, Stump, Ash Bib, Poppa Wheelie), lead and rhythm guitarist/vocalist David Takata (Raw Meat , Inbreed, Daisy Love, Bonzort, Swelter, Argonaut, Goldteeth), and drummer David “Reno” Marseillan (Tribe, Nadir, Holokron, Crash Landing, Buckwildz, Mico De Noche, have not looked back in gaining an enthused reaction and following to their combative and abrasive sound. 2009 saw the band record their first album with engineer/producer Tony Reed of Mos Generator and Stone Axe, with its release coming now via Ripple Records and one imagines certain to draw strong acclaim and responses its way. The album is a storm of crucial and irresistible riffs from guitar and bass, starting with the infectious Never Free. The track is a magnetic weave which scours the ear through slamming rhythms, scraping vocals, and the gnarly bass tones of Foster whilst offering a melodic swagger which simply oozes contentment. It is a lure not to be denied, an opening temptation which leaves one enthused for what is to come. Though the following burly Third Side and the crawling Chorus do not make the same heights they both stir up the emotions enough to leave one more than satisfied. In some ways the album is one of two halves with its later presence bringing a more impressive and appetizing collection of confrontations for personal tastes. This is not to say the earlier songs are lacking as Never Free and especially the excellent Shake Your Ass show, the latter a track which feeds on adrenaline and mischief whilst thrusting fiery melodic guitar strikes and pulse racing rhythms through the ear with teasing wantonness before passing onto the flaming stoner punk jab fest Lost Wisdom. This is another song to light the imagination with eagerness without leaving one particularly drooling in lust. Songs such as the Bob Marley cover Iron Lion Zion, Sons of the Soil, and Kick Rocks deliver an easily agreeable energy driven rampancy but it is with the entrance of Shut Up Your Face that things suddenly find another incendiary level to light the passions. The song is high octane punk rampage which opens with a ska tinged smile before exploding into an air sizzling furnace of riffs and attitude. The bass of Foster funds an even more venomous growl to the song whilst the guitar of Takata moves from delivering insatiable riffs to being a malicious weapon which sizes up its victim before unleashing scythes of sonic venom. Next up Built Up Knocked Down is a deliciously twisted brew of stoner and garage punk to fire up the heart whilst Red Wine Ride is a contagious rub of salty melodics and barging riffs driven by the fiery vocals. Another cover in the form of Creedence Clear Water track Fortunate Son is a decent enough song but pales against its predecessors and the following final two songs Magic Salad and Inhabit, both outstanding examples of hardcore punk for the first and stoner/sludge antagonism for the latter. They impressively complete in Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God an album which continually ticks all the right boxes even if it arguably does not hold the consistency to make it a classic. http://www.cfa-codyfosterarmy.com/
Title: #1 CFA invades the 100th episode of Saturday Mornin Funnies with Puddin Date: 10-22-16
This is a comedy driven show by comedians. That CFA Is the house band for, Recording episode #100 withcomedians; Amos Mack, Shawn Lawrence, Cody Foster, Reno Davanous Mars-illin and some Asian dude who cant rhyme for shit... Also Darrell Fortune Michael Miller... Biff.. Shanni Williams of course... So much fun! Damn.. 100 episodes is not an easy task.. here is a link to stream it. http://nwconvergencezone.com/SaturdayMorningFunniesMp3/SaturdayMorningFunnies100-2.mp3
Title: CFA Does SPUD GOODMAN Date: 10-10-2013
The Spud Goodman Show involves a band in the script for the 1st time! Your's truly, C.F.A.- Cody Foster Army. Listen in as Spud interviews US Congressman Jim McDermott. Spud says,"CFA and his mom want to know more about the Death Pannels". Also interviewed Veteran King 5 news anchor, Dennis Bounds. CFA performs 3 songs live in between interviews. Accordion Joe RULES! So much more, Spud also hangs up on a NAS Car figure when he talks smack on the West Coast! CFA's Manager(Safolla) negotiates house band for the show! Chick holds his own. And friends, Please share. Thanks! Here is a link to listen. It's free http://www.spudgoodman.com/podcasts/SpudGoodmanRadioShow10_itunes.mp3 Or watch CFA's Live performance of their tune. KICK ROCKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-OnaLluFFh4
Title: Smoking Gun E.P Date: 1-1-2009
Title: Thrashhead interview with CFA's Cody Foster Date: 01-16-2014